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Bringing your own food

Devonport is an exceptionally pet-oriented community. Hemingways welcomes all families, including the fur-children.  If eating out in the presence of well-mannered pets is not your thing, we may not be the place for you - although we do have a beautiful indoor dining area where pets are not permitted.

If your pet is socialised and will not disrupt diners, please bring them.  If they are in the process of being socialised please let us know in advance and we will book a suitable table for you.

Hemingways is a fully licenced restaurant and as such we do not permit BYO.  We offer an excellent selection of wine, a full bar, cocktails and soft drinks.

We have tried to create a Menu that caters for most dietary needs.  Please advise our Wait staff if you have any food allergies that we need to be aware of.


While we strive to do our best to cater for our Coeliac guests, we cannot guarantee that there will be no cross-contamination when we prepare our meals.

Please note that we do not allow guests to bring their own food or cakes to our restaurant, without prior written agreement with management, and based on a medical certificate.